No matter how big your home is, you’re always going to feel like there isn’t enough storage space. Between storing clothes from different seasons, holiday decorations, cleaning supplies, toys, and all of the other important items, your home might just be full to the point of breaking.

If you’re curious about how to make sure that your bathroom isn’t a pig sty and all those sheets will fit in your closet, read on.

Get rid of clutter

I know this probably isn’t what you want to hear; buying an extra closet or storage space would be a whole lot easier than getting rid of all of your clutter, but if you really want to maximize your storage space, it’s necessary.

Go through not only your main closets, but all of those drawers and hidden closets that you try to pretend don’t exist until you have to stuff something else in them.

Organize everything in donate, sell, and trash piles, then actually follow through with the pile. Throw the trash away right away. Take all your donations to a great non-profit that very day. Take pictures of your clothes to sell and put them online or organize and plan a yard sale.

If you get rid of all of the things that aren’t actually useful to you anymore, you’ll already be amazed at the extra storage space you didn’t know that you had.

Don’t forget vertical spaces

Sometimes, you’re so used to organizing things on shelves that you forget that there’s a lot more space in your home. Hanging things from the ceiling can be stylish and helps you utilize a lot more space.

For example, a hanging pot rack can help your kitchen achieve a great look while also freeing up your cabinets. If you’re worried about purchasing a home without much kitchen storage space, don’t forget hanging pot racks.

Another option to remember for smaller kitchens is a hanging spice rack. This can go on the inside of a cabinet door, allowing you to put all of your spices away in an organized fashion without having to worry about taking up your valuable storage space!

It’s hard to overstate how much space you can save with a few hanging shoe racks. These go on the back of doors and, of course, hold shoes. However, this isn’t all.

These over-the-door hanging shoe organizers are also perfect for a bathroom that doesn’t give you enough counter or cabinet space. You can put makeup, hairbrushes, deodorant, curling irons, and everything else you could need to use in these individual pockets.

That way, you can stay clean and organized while utilizing a small space.

Hidden furniture

If you don’t have much space, practically every piece of furniture you buy should double as storage. The best you buy should have drawers underneath; your couch should be hollow inside to put games, blankets, and anything else you need away.

The places where these are most important are the living room and entryway as they typically get full of clutter the quickest. If you don’t have space for any furniture in your entryway, make sure you mount some hooks on the wall for jackets and hats.

Additionally, if your family is one to remove shoes right away, you should invest in a small, vertical, shoe rack so they aren’t scattered all over the ground.

Shelves, shelves, shelves

Shelves can be helpful everywhere. Do you have a child with a lot of school books and nowhere to put them? Build some shelves on the wall in their bedroom. Need a place to put your keys, wallet, phone, and change when you get home from work? A shelf in the entryway will do the trick!

Shelves are also very useful in your laundry room so you can place detergent, stain removers, bleach, and anything else you use, up on the wall to free space for you to fold and sort your clothes.

Of course, kitchens can also greatly benefit from more shelves. You should certainly use as many vertical storage tricks as possible in your kitchen, like the hanging spice racks, but it’s also nice to have some more shelves for things like olive oil, salt, pepper, and other essentials.

Another place where large shelves are essential is the garage. On these shelves, you can store luggage, off-season clothes, decorations, and more. Also, they can help you stay more organized than searching your way through numerous boxes all over your garage.

Shelves built on the walls effectively gives you a lot more places to organize your things, even if your house or the house you’re considering buying doesn’t come with much space.

Buy some organizers

Do you already have a closet organizer? Because if not, you should. These were specifically built to help people utilize their small closet space, making it much more organized and useful. A closet organizer can really help you see the space you’re misusing from lack of organization.

Also, vacuum storage bags are lifesavers for when you need to store a lot of off-season clothes and you don’t have many places to put them. With these bags, you can use a vacuum to suck out the extra air inside the clothes and bags, making them much smaller than they could otherwise be.

From here, you can store them on one of those shelves you built in your garage, or simply stash them under your bed until it’s time to open them up again.

Everyone wants more space

Don’t let a home without enough cabinets or drawers prevent you from buying it. Almost everyone has a problem with not having enough storage space.

Luckily, though, this means that many, many inventions were made to help people with this problem. From desk organizers to hidden space inside of an ottoman, take advantage of everything that you can to help you utilize the small space.

Michele Karl is the Owner/Broker of Priority Real Estate. She can be reached at her email at or give her a call at her office at 865-577-6600.




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